Navicula Support Stand UP in Bali

Oktober 22, 2009

naviculaNavicula main live akustik di acara BANGKIT BERAKSI (Stand Up Take Action) gerakan stop pemiskinan.

The Band Said ” bersama mendesak pemerintah untuk bisa melakukan kebijakan konkrit dalam menanggulangi kemiskinan di negara (yang sebenarnya kaya) ini!”

Mari bangkit dan beraksi!
Pemerintah…hallo??… buktikan janjimu!!!
Wakil rakyat…hallo??… jangan tidur waktu sidang soal rakyat!!!

Greenville in stand UP Bali 09

Oktober 22, 2009

Bangkit Beraksi 09 [HamanaH Drum N Dance Workshop]

Oktober 22, 2009


Oktober 22, 2009

More than 173 Million People Gather at “Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now!” events, setting new world record for largest mobilization in history

A Guinness World Record shattered this weekend when 173,045,325 citizens gathered at over 3,000 events in more than 120 countries, demanding that their governments eradicate extreme poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). “Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now!”, now in its fourth year, has been certified by Guinness World Records as the largest mobilization of human beings in recorded history, an increase of about 57 million people over last year.

“The more than 173 million people who mobilized this weekend sent a clear message to world leaders that there is massive, universal, global demand for eradicating poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals,” said Salil Shetty, Director of the United Nations Millennium Campaign. “In particular, we have seen citizens determined to show their governments that they will hold them accountable for keeping their promises to end hunger, improve maternal health and abolish trade-distorting agricultural subsidies. They will not accept excuses for breaking promises to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, who have already been hardest hit by the global food, economic and climate crises they had no role in causing.”

In Asia more than 100 million people participated (101,106,845); in Africa more than 37 million people participated (37,848,412); in the Arab region more than 31 million people participated (31,394,459); in Europe more than 2 million people participated (2,102,121); in Latin America more than 200,000 people participated (229,371); in North America nearly 200,000 people participated (191,535); and in Oceania more than 170,000 people participated (172,582).

“Stand Up is proven to be a growing global mobilization, as well as an ongoing grass roots movement from remote areas and cities in so many countries, both rich and poor,” said Sylvia Borren, Co-chair of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP), who attended several “Stand Up” events across The Netherlands last weekend. “These are the voices of young people, women and men demanding the eradication of poverty, and new answers to the food, economic and climate crises. We will carry this overwhelming message forward in the weeks and months ahead to influence both the Copenhagen climate discussions and next year’s MDG review.”

Currently 1 billion people around the world are hungry and 500,000 women continue to die annually as the result of pregnancy and childbirth. The vast majority of these deaths are preventable.

The mobilization was organized globally by the United Nations Millennium Campaign, in partnership with a range of organizations including the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP).

The 3,000 events across every inhabited continent this weekend included:

In New York, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon lead schoolchildren in Standing Up on Friday.

In Bangladesh, civil society campaigners raised the call “National Unity Can Eradicate Poverty,” urging that a “Poverty and Hunger Free Bangladesh is Possible Now.” The Prime Minister led the nation in pledging to remain united to develop the country by 2020. At a rally in Dhaka, she called upon all political parties to jointly fight corruption and stabilize democracy.

Despite the typhoons that hit the Philippines just before “Stand Up,” 35.5 million people in the country Stood Up and the “I Vote for MDGs” campaign, a survey on the issues voters believe should be prioritized by the 2010 Presidential candidates, was launched.

In Nepal the President read a Stand Up Pledge with members of the Constituent assembly at an event broadcast live on national television, followed by a concert in a large open-air theatre in the heart of Kathmandu.

In the United States, the Irish band U2 brought 50,000 concertgoers to their feet for a “Stand Up” moment during their October 18 concert in Norman, Oklahoma.

From Cape Town to Cairo and from Accra to Kampala, millions of Africans stood up in churches, mosques, schools, markets, streets and work places to call on their leaders to end poverty and inequality. In Uganda, the Local Government Association joined “Stand Up” by launching a historic award to honor the best-performing local government. The inaugural award was presented to the Kasese District.

In South Africa, housemates on the hit television show “Big Brother” made passionate appeals to world leaders to end poverty and led the continent in reading the “Stand Up” pledge, collected food for disadvantaged children and wrote a song on poverty. They called on African leaders to stop maternal death, end hunger and address climate change.

In Nigeria, legendary African artist Femi Kuti led over 60,000 people attending the annual event commemorating the life of his late father Fela Kuti, in pledging their commitment to campaigning fervently against poverty and injustice. Femi urged participants at the festival to be bold when holding their governments accountable, noting that Africa has enough resources to end poverty. Accusing African leaders of mismanaging public resources through corruption and poor governance, he called on them to focus more attention on programs leading to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

At Federation Square, Melbourne, a concert organized by Make Poverty History Australia and AusAID included a flash mob stunt and performances by entertainers including Diafrix, a musical group of African refugees.

Citizens of Papua New Guinea Stood Up for the first time this year, in churches and government buildings, with support from the government Department of Community Development.

In Halifax, Canada, citizens marched against poverty in a rally organized by Make Poverty History.

In Italy, more than 400,000 people participated in 200 sports events across the country. The people of L’Aquila, which was hit by a devastating earthquake in April, ran a marathon to show their support.

In Paris, the streets were invaded by 4,000 roller-bladers on Sunday proudly sporting ‘Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now!’ t-shirts.

In Spain, coordinated marches nationwide included a rally in Madrid on October 16 which was followed by an outdoor concert featuring Spanish rock bands.

Peru was one of several countries which used “Stand Up” to start a process of climate justice hearings aimed at gathering the testimonies of people whose lives and livelihoods are being destroyed by global warming.

“Stand Up” was also supported by the entire United Nations system, with events organized by United Nations Information Centers (UNICs) across the globe. In Egypt, for example, 25 million worshippers Stood Up in mosques, more than 2 million worshippers Stood Up in Coptic Orthodox churches and thousands more Stood Up in schools across the country, in a mobilization organized by the UNIC in Egypt.

Hundreds of people gathered on October 16 at the International Labor Organisation (ILO) headquarters in Geneva to Stand Up Against Poverty in a joint action with UNDP and UN agencies, led by ILO Director-General Juan Somavia.

For more information, photos and b-roll contact:

Kara Alaimo

United Nations Millennium Campaign

Telephone: +1 212-906-6399

Ciara O’Sullivan

Global Call to Action Against Poverty

Telephone: +34 679 594 809


Oktober 22, 2009


19 October 2009

Denpasar, 18 October 2009 –From the early estimation of 500, this afternoon at 5:30 P.M. at Lapangan Puputan Badung, about more than 4000 people gathered, stood-up in the reading of the pledge to end poverty in Stand-up and Take Action – SUTA Campaign. Apart from the civil society of all classes, the Vice Major of Denpasar, the Regional Secretary of Bali Province dan representative of the Provincial Legislative Assembly, too, mingled and showed their enthusiasm in this activity. The 2000 white rubber bands supply used to count the number of people were not enough, even about the same amount of people did not wear any. Nevertheless, the spirit was still on fire and the people seemed to enjoy the night of music by Bali’s indie bands. Tonight, report on the number of people standing-up has been sent to later be counted all over the world, to find out whether this year, SUTA can break the Guinness World Record for the biggest mass mobilization, breaking its own record last year, that was 116 million. The poster exhibition which was earlier planned to be held on 16 October, has to be cancelled and moved to the front part of Bali Museum instead, together with the rest, including an additional event, MDGs discussion taking the theme of poverty with one of the speakers from the Provincial Legislative Assembly, Sumiati. Tents of MDGs services, subsidized food market, free healthcare services, cartoon exhibition, as well as street art – which seemed to interest the children the most, since they could express themselves freely – colored the driveway. This event, which was coordinated by Alase Bali working together with several organizations and the community elements in Bali, supported by the UNDP and the Government of Denpasar Municipality, has been successfully conducted. From here, it is expected that the world leaders can see and be reminded of their promises to achieve MDGs by 2015.

Media Contact:

PW Rudolf forrest club, Jl. Cok Agung Tresna 118, Renon,Denpasar

Telp.: 0361-9271748 or 08191 626 3007


Berdiri Kepalkan Tangan Lalu Berteriak “STOP PEMISKINAN”

Oktober 20, 2009

Bali Express, 19 oktober 2009

Denpasar, Aksi Massa untuk program Stop Pemiskinan akhirnya digelar juga di Lapangan Puputan Badung kemarin. Pihak penyelenggara, yakni Alase Bali mengklaim 2 ribu orang lebih ikut dalam stand up [berdiri] kemudian mengepalkan tangan kiri sebagai lambang desakan stop pemiskinan.

Sebelum acara, Alase sudah menggelar tenda yang di dalamnya ternyata berisi pameran foto dan poster yang memprotes kemiskinan. Yang menarik  di acara itu juga digelar pengobatan gratis serta pasmir gratis untuk ibu-ibu. Panitia kemudian menyebarkan gelang putih, yang memakai gelang putih dianggap ikut melakukan perlawanan terhadap pemiskinan. Bahkan pedagang asongan yang banyak bersliweran juga dikasih gelang putih.

Tepat Pukul 17.30 wita, panggung di sisi selatan Lapangan Puputan Badung dipanaskan oleh aktivis merangkap penyanyi, Saichu Anwar. Dia sengaja membawakan lagu-lagu perjuangan menolak penindasan dan pemiskinan.Acara itu diakhiri dengan dengan pembacaan petisi yang intinya memintah langkah kongkrit untuk menghentikan pemiskinan di negeri ini. Saat itu seluruh pengunjung Lapangan Puputan Badung berdiri, mengepalkan tangan kiri.

Dalam petisi yang dibacakan Mardika, ada 8 desakan diantaranya meningkatkan kwalitas kesehatan masyarakat, memerangi HIV/AIDs, menanggulangi kemiskinan-kelaparan, meningkatkan kesehatan masyarakat,dan mendorong kestaraan gender. Kemudian mendorong pengurangan kematian ibu hamil dan lainnya. Terlihat hadir Sekprov Bali, Nyoman Yasa dan Eakil Walikota Denpasar, Jaya Negara. [pra/rdr]

Ribuan Orang IKut STAND UP

Oktober 20, 2009

Pada Program Stop Pemiskinan Kemarin

Radar Bali, Senin 19 Oktober 2009

Denpasar- Aksi pengerahan masa untuk program Stop Pemiskinan, akhirnya berlangsung kemarin di Lapangan Puputan Badung. Pihak Penyelenggara ALASE Bali [Aliansi LSM  dan Masyarakat sipil Se Bali], mengkaim 2000 orang lebih ikut dalam aksi Stand Up [berdiri] kemudian mengepalkan tangan kiri, sebagai perlambang desakan stop pemiskinan.

Sebelum acara aksi stand up, ALASE sudah menggelar tenda-tenda pameran poster protes atas kemiskinan. Selain itu juga ada pengobatan gratis hingga pelayan pengobatan untuk ibu-ibu berupa papsmir. Agenda ini dilakukan di depan Museum Bali.

Setelah itu mulai menyebarkan gelang putih sebagai pertanda ikut stand up melambangkan perlawanan pemiskinan. Seluruh Orang di Puputan Badung, hingga para pedagangnya diberikan gelang putih.  Tepat pukul 17.30 wita mulai panggung sbelah selatan Lapangan puputan Badung dihidupkan dengan pagelaran musik dengan penampilan aktivis merangkap penyanyi Saichu Anwar. Dia membawakan lagu-lagu perjuangan untuk menolak penindasan dan pemiskinan.

Setelah acara musik, baru aksi Stand Up yang langsung diikuti dengan pembacaan petisi untuk mendesak ada langkah kongkrit stop pemiskinan di negeri ini. Saat itu seluruh pengunjung Lapangan Puputan Badung berdiri, mengepalkan tangan kiri sampai mendengarkan pembacaan sikap. Kebetulan ada orang yang agak terganggu mentalnya ikut berdiri dan mengenakan gelang putih.

“Ini bukti kondisi masyarakat kita, ada yang masih kena gangguan jiwa namun tidak dapat pengbatan dan rehabilitasi yang layak. Ini mesti menjadi perhatan serius pemerintah, termasuk yang hadir sekarang ini,” sebut Sekretaris ALSE Bali Nyoman Mardika.

Trus kok pedagang dan pengunjung ikut aksi stand up, bukan datangkan massa? Dia mengatakan, memang agendanya dibuat seperti ini. namun mereka tetap menjadi pihak yang siap untuk mendesak stop pemiskinan. Dengan suksesnya melakukan aksi stand up di Bali, bahkan melebihi target yaitu 1100 orangdan kemaren gelang yang dibagikan mencapai dua ribu, sehinga kami yakin mampu ikut menyumbangkan terpecahkannya Guinnes World Records, yaitu stand up stop pemiskinan,” tegas pria yang juga anggota KPID Bali ini.

Menyangkut Guinnes world Records, Mardika mengatakan tahun lalu di dunia tembus 116 juta orang, sedangkan saat ini akan lebih dari jumlah itu. Di Indonesia ada tiga lokasi, yaitu di sumatera barat, bali dan Jakarta melakukan aksi Stand Up. Sedangkan di seluruh dunia ada lagi beberapa negara melakukan hal yang sama secara berbarengan hari ini. Sehingga dia yakin akan ada lebih dari 116 juta. ” Baru besok malam [hari ini, red] kemungkinan diketahui berapa juta tembus aksi stand u0p ini,” jelas Mardika.

Dalam petisi yang dibacakan Mardika, ada 8 desakan diantaranya meningkatkan kwalitas kesehatan masyarakat, memerangi HIV/AIDs, menanggulangi kemiskinan-kelaparan, meningkatkan kesehatan masyarakat,dan mendorong kestaraan gender. Kemudian mendorong pengurangan kematian ibu hamil dan lainnya. Mardika juga mengatakan ada kesepakata pemimpin di dunia pada  tahun 2015 untuk mencapai MDGs, namun sekarang sudah 2009 belum ada tanda-tanda akan tercapainya tujuan MDGs [Millenium Development Goals]. ” sehingga setiap tahun ada desakan-desakan seperti ini, ” tuntasnya.

Setelah pembacaan petisi, dilanjutkan dengan acara musik dan hiburan lainnya. Terlihat hadir Sekprov Bali, Nyoman Yasa dan Eakil Walikota Denpasar, Jaya Negara.

Exhibition, gathering marks anti-poverty campaign

Oktober 20, 2009

Luh De Suriyani ,

The Jakarta Post ,  Denpasar   |  Mon, 10/19/2009 1:25 PM  |  Bali

A poster exhibition and public event marked the anti-poverty campaign, “Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now”, campaign at Denpasar’s Puputan Badung Park on Sunday.

The exhibit featured dozens of works by local artists. The posters were displayed in the field and attracted the attention of the city’s residents, who flocked to the event.

One of the participating artists, Wayan Dania, created posters that attacked prevailing social injustices in the environment, health care and the economy.

One of his works read “We need no heroes, we only need someone to plant trees”, with a gripping visual of the island’s disappearing forests due to rampant illegal logging and unchecked man-made development.

His other works highlighted children’s rights for better education and nutrition.

“Sometimes we forget how vastly liberating the sky is because we keep being told to bow and look down,” Dania said.

Next to the poster exhibit, activists from the Bali Bloggers Community (BCC) offered a free-of-charge crash course on basic computer and Internet knowledge. One of the curious visitors was middle-aged man I Ketut Tarta.

Three months ago, Tarta was forced to take an early retirement package after working for 15 straight years for the island’s oldest and biggest chain of supermarkets. Now, he is unemployed.

“I haven’t succeeded in getting a new job. Now, I want to setup a new business providing a marketing and distribution channel for bee farmers in my village, and I need the Internet to promote my business,” he said.

The activists taught Tarta how to set up his email account and introduced him to the marketing potentials of blogging.

The BCC has actively worked to increase the Internet literacy of the island’s residents, particularly those from low-income families. In the past, the BCC had conducted educational campaigns targeting street children.

On adjacent tables, which lined the pedestrian area in front of the Bali Museum, activists from other NGOs offered their services ranging from educational sessions about reproductive health to free medical checkups for senior citizens.

Organized by Alase, an alliance of the island’s NGOs and civil society institutions, the campaign was aimed at strengthening public initiatives to encourage the government to fulfill its commitment to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The event attracted more than 500 activists and concerned individuals, who gathered to remind both the local public and government of the importance of MDGs.

Masyarakat Bali Desak Pemerintah Tuntaskan MDGS

Oktober 20, 2009

October 18th, 2009

Sekitar lima ribu masyarakat Bali mendesak pemerintah segera menuntaskan tujuan pembangunan milenum atau Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Desakan tersebut disampaikan dalam kegiatan Bangkit Beraksi Stop Pemiskinan Sekarang di Lapangan Puputan Badung Denpasar, Minggu (18/10) petang. Ribuan orang tersebut mengacungkan tangan kiri memakai gelang putih sebagai bentuk dukungan terhadap komitmen tersebut.

Masyarakat dari berbagai latar belakang itu memenuhi lapangan Puputan Badung sambil berdiri mengucap Ikrar Momen Bangkit Beraksi sebagai bentuk desakan pada pemerintah. Ikrar tersebut antara lain desakan agar kemiskinan dan kelaparan bisa dan harus diakhiri, para ibu tidak perlu lagi meninggal dalam proses persalinan dan hak-hak perempuan dihargai, anak-anak tidak perlu lagi meninggal akibat penyakit-penyakit yang dapat dicegah, setiap anak berhak atas pendidikan, terwujudnya perlindungan lingkungan, serta pemimpin membuat keputusan-keputusan yang melindungi rakyat miskin dan rentan, bukannya melindungi kepentingan-kepentingannya sendiri.

”Kami mendesak janji Anda terhadap kemiskinan-pembebasan hutang, bantuan lebih baik, perdagangan yang adil dan keseteraan jender. Buatlah tanggung jawab pertama Anda untuk menyelamatkan jiwa-jiwa rakyat miskin. Kami meminta Anda untuk menghilangkan ketidaksetaraan, bertanggung jawab terhadap rakyat, memerintah dengan adil dan bijaksana, mengakhiri korupsi dan menjunjung tinggi Hak Asasi Manusia,” teriak seluruh masyarakat yang hadir pada kegiatan tersebut secara bersamaan.

Ikrar ini bertujuan memberitahukan kepada para pemimpin dunia bahwa jutaan orang telah bangkit dan menuntut pemiskinan dihilangkan. Mereka juga mengharap bahwa pemenuhan janji atas pencapaian MDGs harus menjadi prioritas politik para pemimpin negara di berbagai dunia. Ikrar itu sendiri merupakan puncak dari kegiatan Bangkit Beraksi selama satu hari. Sejak pukul 9 pagi, para aktivis lembaga swadaya masyarakat (LSM) dan masyarakat sipil Bali yang tergabung dalam ALASE.

Dari pagi hingga malam hari, para aktivis LSM dan masyarakat sipil tersebut mengadakan pameran pelayanan MDGs, pasar murah, street art, konser musik, pelayanan kesehatan gratis, dan pameran kartun, serta pameran poster.

Kegiatan di Bali sendiri merupakan rangkaian dari kegiatan serupa di seluruh dunia sebagai bagian dari “Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now – SUTA Campaign”. Warga di dunia meminta kepada para pemimpin dunia agar memenuhi janji yang mereka buat pada tahun 2000 untuk mencapai Tujuan Pembangunan Milenium.

MDGs mengandung delapan tujuan sebagai respon atas permasalahan global, yang semuanya harus tercapai pada tahun 2015. Butir-butir MDGs tersebut antara lain pemberantasan kemiskinan esktrim dan kelaparan; dicapainya pendidikan tingkat dasar yang merata dan universal; memajukan kesetaraan gender & memberdayakan perempuan; mengurangi tingkat mortalitas anak; memperbaiki kualitas kesehatan ibu hamil; memerangi HIV/AIDS, malaria dan penyakit-penyakit lainnya; menjamin kelestarian lingkungan; dan menjalin kerjasama global bagi perkembangan kesejahteraan. [b]


Oktober 13, 2009